Grow Your Food

Healthy watersheds aren’t just about creating habitat for wildlife or managing water, they are also an important part of providing food for ourselves and our communities.

Growing food in community and home gardens provides quick and easy access to fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Not only that, but you can grow an array of foods that aren’t available at the grocery store.

Adding healthy foods doesn't just improve your diet, it also boosts your quality of life. By growing your own food you increase your vitamin D exposure, decrease your risk for heart disease and cancer, and strengthen your immune system.

Growing your own food doesn't just improve your health, it also saves you money. By spending a few dollars on seeds and supplies in the spring, you’ll produce pounds of produce in the summer.

A note of caution: when growing food in urban spaces, be mindful of soil contamination. Pollution can affect the health of your garden and the food it produces for years after the initial contamination. Learn more about soil testing.