Permits + Construction

While some erosion is normal and should be expected, in urban areas erosion caused by bare soil during construction is a big concern. Requirements are enforced to minimize this erosion, such as laying down straw or seeding with grass. Ponds, tanks, and rock can be used to trap soil once it’s been dislodged by rain. If you see soil/dirt moving off a construction site, contact your city or Clean Water Services.

Doing your own construction project? A permit may be required if your project includes:

  • Soil disturbance of 500 square feet or more
  • Removal of native plants near a stream or wetland
  • Connection, modification, or line tap to public storm or sanitary system
  • Creation or modification of 1,000 square feet or more of impervious surface (patio, driveway, building)
  • Construction or grading in/near existing infrastructure or easements

If you live in urban Washington County, contact Clean Water Services to learn more. For projects in any of the cities listed below, you will need to start the Environmental Review with CWS, then continue the process and obtain permits from your city.