The North American Beaver is the state animal of Oregon. In fact, many of our towns and cities are named after them—like Beaverton!

Beaver are an important part of nature. They help us manage water and create healthy habitat for many other animals. Areas where beaver live are also less likely to burn in forest fires. It is important to protect beaver ponds as much as possible.

Beaver have lived in the Tualatin River watershed for thousands of years. The flat valley and slow-moving water make great beaver habitat. Beaver were hunted for their fur in the 1800s and 1900s until they almost disappeared. Because beaver were disappearing, nutria were brought here from South America to use for fur instead. The nutria were released and have become a problem in our area.

Challenges With Beaver

Beaver are important for a healthy environment, however, sometimes they chew our trees or contribute to flooding. There are ways to deal with these problems without removing the beaver. In fact, these methods are often cheaper and work better in the long-run. Use this guide to decide what methods are best for you.