Start a Garden

Gardens come in many shapes and sizes. No matter where you live, you can start a garden that helps our watershed. You can even get your garden certified as a backyard habitat!


Container gardens are ideal for those with limited space. In addition to growing flowers, many vegetables and herbs can be grown in small containers. Container gardens are great for window sills, patios, and outdoor stairwells.

Raised Bed

Raised beds are freestanding box-like frames filled with plants. Raised beds can be built anywhere that receives ample sunlight—even on concrete driveways or parking lots.


The opportunities for backyard gardens are endless. When planning a backyard garden, consider Naturescaping—the practice of using native plants to mimic nature and welcome wildlife.


Rooftop gardens can take a lot of hard work, like building a green roof, or can be simple, like displaying a collection of containers. While rooftop gardens are appealing, they aren’t right for every home. Contact a professional to see if this option is a fit for your roof.